Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

Netflix + Sex Education

Currently in the UK nearly sixty percent of teens have never been out on date because
they’re too nervous to ask. So we felt it was time to blow this conversation wide open
and unawkward the awkward.

We pushed Axe to partner with the 2nd series of Sex Education which gave us the
opportunity to rewrite the "Bring Up Men" book that Otis's mum had been writing in the
show. Letting us reimagine a self help guide for guys via Instagram.

The Teaser

Launch Fly Posters

Chapter 1
The book ran on Insta stories and the user made each page animate by tapping the work in stories.
Each chapter was dedicated to a subject that guys struggled with and Otis and his mates would pop in get them talking...

...and then the whole project was paused indefinitely by Corona.


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