Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

Because No Reason

Chambord had an issue - it looked way too fancy so people bought it for celebrations and
then left it to gather dust in the back of cupboards. But why do you need a special occasion?
If you like it, drink it. Because no reason.

The Because No Reason attitude was our antidote to the media who constantly bombarded
our audience (women 25-34) with what to wear, how to look, what to eat, what to do. We wanted
to encourage people to do whatever they liked, for no other reason than they liked it. 

We created a look called Odd Luxury where everything made no sense and complete sense.
And a TOV called Absurd Logic, inspired by Eric Cantona and delivered by our Chambord woman,
who was actually many women. She dolled out seemingly nonsenical advice which always boiled
down to one very sensible point - do what you like.

Launch Film


TV + Digital + Print
We brought the attitude to life in TV, social and a new website.
Why? Because no reason, of course.

Guilty Pleasures Playlists
Working with Spotify we made a campaign that worked out when you were listening to your guilty pleasures
(our ads targetted people who activated a private session) and told the user not to be embarrassed.


And because bar presence is important for a brand like Chambord we designed one legged flamingo glasses for bars.

We used targetted ads for (lonely) people who were active on Instagram on the evening of Valentines.
Huffington Post do’s and dont’s
And to put the campaign strategy front of mind as the campaign launched we worked with Emily Hartridge
and Huffington Post to highlight the ridiculous do's and dont's in womens magazines.

Agency - Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Director - Benny Everitt
Creative Director - Sophie Bodoh
Creative Director - Scott Dungate
Designer - Karen Jane
ECD's - Tony Davidson + Kim Papworth
Director - Nick Gordon