Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

Emeco 111 navy chair

Emeco had been making iconic metal chairs for generations. When they decided to
make their first plastic chair out of 111 recycled coca-cola bottles they asked us to
promote it. First we wanted to pierce the chair with a giant Claes Oldenburg style
straw. But the client didn’t want to damage the chair. So then we decided to take the
first chair of the production line and freeze it in a giant ice cube.


To debut the Emeco + Coke partnership at the Salone del Mobile Milano furniture show we froze another giant ice cube and shipped it by plane, train and crane.
(although the delivery guys made a gaffe and it ended up at the wrong location on the opposite side of town)

the making of

Agency - Wieden + Kennedy
Creative - Benny Everitt
Creative - Sophie Bodoh
Creative Director - Lucy Collier
Photographer - Peer Lindgren