Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

Powerball Vs life

The Finish Powerball had been advertised the same way for decades - swooping
3D animated balls, product demos and actors fantisising over clean dishes. Instead
we focussed on what Finish does so well - taking on the dirty dishes produced by
lifes landmark events.

We wanted to examine ‘Ageing’ and ‘Heartbreak’ by the dishes they create. ‘Ageing’
is defined by tough, sticky, birthday cake‐streaked plates, while ‘Heartbreak’ leads
to dishes streaked with gooey, difficult to clean comfort food residue. Then we told
the story from two perspectives - the human, and then the Finish’s dish‐obsessed
perspective from above.

Proving that no matter the turmoil - the Powerball can always tackle life’s dirty dishes.

Launch Films

The Guardian wrote about them here but we can't tell if it's good or bad.

Agency - Wieden + Kennedy
Creative - Ben Everitt
Creative - Sophie Bodoh
Creative Directors - Carlos Alija + Laura Sampedro
ECD's - Tony Davidson + Iain Tait
Directors - Canada