Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

International Olympic Committee
Every Rise, Every Fall

The Olympic Games is one of the most powerful symbols for unity in the world. Every two
years the world watches as athletes from around the world come together in peaceful

The IOC came to us with a big challenge - make us matter to people for more than just 2
weeks every couple of years. So this work is the first step on that journey. Simply, we wanted
to shine a a light on the unique relationship between Olympic athletes and their supporters
across the world. And to celebrate this we released a short film highlighting the power of
solidarity and this was reflected in the updated Olympic motto: ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger -

More to come...

Opening Ceremony Film
As a billion people tuned in we dropped this film.

100 Days To Go Film
Due to Covid and the postponement of the Tokyo Games we had a unique opportunity - 1 year between Summer + Winter Games.
So to extend the glow of the Summer Olympics to the Winter Games we made a film that cut back forth between archive from both.
Voiced by greatest Winter Olympian of all time Lindsey Vonn it amplifies the IOC’s belief in solidarity.

Agency - Uncommon Creative Studios
Creative Director - Benny Everitt
ECD - Sam Walker
Founder - Nils Leonard
Beijing Olympics editor - Ed Hanbury at Trim
100 Days editor - Ben Boullier + Luke Carlisle
Director - Salomon Ligthelm