Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

Britain Get Talking

Right now in the UK almost half of young people struggle with anxiety and more than
400,000 children and young people a month are being treated for mental health problems
-  the highest number on record.

So working with ITV, Mind and YoungMinds we wanted to address the fact that even though
young people are carrying a lot on their shoulders, they often struggle to talk about it.
We really wanted to highlight the core message that it’s really important it is for adults to
keep trying, because it takes time to break through. 

Launch Film

The Breakthrough Moments

Once the launch film had dropped we created a series of moments through the following week where ITV News presenter Lucrezia Millarini,
sports presenter Laura Woods and Emmerdale actress Daisy Campbell break the fourth wall to call on the nation to check in with the young people in their lives.
Each breakthrough moment uses relatable topics on ITV’s programmes as a prompt to spark conversations, in a bid to help adults talk about the issues
that affect teens today. The talent then walks off set to give the audiences at home the time to talk to one another.

Agency - Uncommon Creative Studio
Creative Director - Benny Everitt
Creative - Thea Føge Toft-Clausen
Creative - Cecilia Mervig
Creative - Richard Biggs
ECD - Nils Leonard
Director - ThirtyTwo