Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt


The brief: Make boobs WOW!
No joke. That was it. Plus 4 different types of bra. 
So with the help of Sarah Jessica Parker and an iconic Italian song, we turned the
ritual of putting on a bra into a dance with 4 simple steps that every women can
do in her own way. And SJP got to play the conductor.

SJP launched the campaign

TV campaign

Then all the work flowed into their social channels
SJP in your pocket
And because the Intimissimi fashion show is a huge deal in Italy we made a dancing
AR Sarah Jessica Parker who taught the VIP guests the steps of the bra dance.

This then become available for the public - who could try out 40 bras on different AR characters, do the bra twist,
snap a selfie with SJP to share on social and enter the e-commerce store through the activation.

And finally right at the end of the shoot I got 2 minutes notice to record an interview with SJP. Turns out I’m no Oprah.

Agency - 72andSunny
Creative Director - Benny Everitt
Creative - Valeria Raimondi
Creative - Matt Purcell
Creative - Sarah Hegyesy
ECD's - Carlo Callavone
Director - Leonn Ward