Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

JD Sports
Forever Forwards

The Die Hard of Christmas ads.

The Bag For Life film
We dropped this film right in the middle of the period when Britian has Christmas Ad fever.

The Launch OOH
Executions teased unknown models wearing the iconic JD duffle from behind.
Then when the campaign went live, media switched to reveal the identity of the talent.

Design System
From in-store to OOH we ran our new platform across everything.

The Bag For Life
Then the bag became a icon to have fun with and make famous again and again and again.

When the work dropped it made shit loads of noise and we seemed to win the Christmas ad battle with a film that only had one set of fairy lights in it.
You can read some of the commentary here, here and here.

Agency - Uncommon Creative Studio
ECD - Benny Everitt
Creative Director - Shaun Savage
Senior Creative - Quba Tuakli
Designer - Matt Curtis
Designer - Paul Ross Mason-Barney
Founder - Nils Leonard
Director - Amara Abbas
Photographer - Ewen Spencer