Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

Like Meat
Nugget Pocket

The Nugget Pocket - now a thing. The LikeMeat Nugget Pocket is the first utility vest
that offers stylish snackers the ability to keep their plant-based nuggets warm for up
to 90 minutes. In true LikeMeat fashion, this vest had been made with the planet in
mind. Delivering ‘double good’ for fashion, just like they do for food; with their range
of plant-based ‘meat’ that’s as good for the planet, as it is on your plate. 

Like Meat are the ultimate underdog - so making them memorable for consumers is
key. The Pocket is first of many moves to do this.

Product Launch Film

PR stills + social

The campaign launched with Berlin-based TikTok queen; Stella Bossi and then tonnes of micro influencers
in different genres took over when their Nugget Pockets were delivered.

It seems Stella has been removed from TikTok so the other films will be here when she’s back...

Agency - 72andSunny
Creative Director - Benny Everitt
Creative Director - Gregg Clampffer
Creative - Sarah Hardcastle
Creative - Matt Purcell
Creative - Constanze Bilogan
Producer - Luke Judlin
Director - Arthur Couvat
Production Company - LEW Studio