Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

It’s only a shirt

Since Italia 90 the England shirt has weighed heavy on the players shoulders.
The golden generation never had a left foot and Wazza’s outrageous potential
couldn’t converted to a tournament win.

So when Nike designed their first ever England kit we wanted to dispel the
myth that the shirt was the problem. Instead everyone has the potential to go
on and play for their country - it’ll just take a shitload of hardwork, dedication
and skill. 

the launch
Offical kit launches usually consist of sponsored pros posing in the shirt but we wanted to create a day zero with the first ever Nike England kit.
So one morning Jack Wilshire arrived at his old school and handed the shirt over to a pupil that shared his dream of playing for his country.
Proving that the new shirt inspires rather than stifles the performances of players. Jack shared the image on social and the kit drop exploded.

campaign films
Once Jack’s image was released the rest of the campaign, and the strategy, was unveiled.
No matter how innovative a shirt may be, it won’t score the goals that get the stadium on it’s feet, thread alone will not clear the ball off the line.
Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is what makes the difference. We wanted to demonstrate that it’s the action of players that the fans will remember, not the kit.
It's only a shirt. It's what you do in it that matters.

print + OOH

for the squad
We designed kit bags for the England team's first game at Wembley.
Each one had an embroidered message to encourage the player to go and make the shirt matter.

Nike Brand design picked up the project and absolutely smashed the Niketown London drop.

Agency - Wieden + Kennedy
Creative - Benny Everitt
Creative - Al Merry
Creative - Chris Groom
Creative Director - Anders Stake
ECD's - Tony Davidson + Kim Papworth
Producer - James Guy
Director - Jaron Albertin
Photographer - Mark Zibert