Benny Everitt
Benny Everitt

Finest* relaunch

We were handed the Tesco Finest* account and told “we need a campaign to get the UK
to realise a £1.4bn a year piece of business is more than just posh ready meals” whilst
the agency added “whatever you do - don’t go anywhere near Lurpak.” Coooool.

So we got Kim Gherig onboard, went on a road trip to Grimsby via The Dolomites and
dived headlong into the producers, the communities and the land behind the food.

launch films

and the work was reviewed by The Grimsby Telegraph

They said:
SMOKED haddock, the Dock Tower and the Pontoon Stand are among the icons of Grimsby starring in a new national TV advert. Supermarket giant Tesco has chosen the town for its latest advert which promotes its Tesco Finest range.
The new advert has been praised by both the town's MP and mayor and has delighted those connected with Grimsby's seafood industry and its football club. Great Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell said: "I think it's brilliant. It tells the world what we already know – that Grimsby is best for fish. It makes me feel so hungry I want to have some smoked haddock right now!"

Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Councillor Peggy Elliott, said: "I think it's great. It shows the traditions of smoking fish being passed down the generations and the crowd yelling at the football. My husband Steve thought he could hear himself in the crowd. It is very atmospheric and it shows Grimsby in a positive light."

John Fenty, Grimsby Town FC director and former owner of Five Star Fish, said: "Having been lucky enough to earn my living from the fish industry it's great to see Grimsby and the club again on national adverts like this. "In this case, the club is well and truly embedded in the video, which highlights Harry the Haddock, the Pontoon and in the background the singing faithful in full voice, all topped off by pictures of the iconic Dock Tower. The advertisement represents the best fish in the world in my opinion – haddock bearing the infamous finger and thumb prints where Jesus plucked one from the sea to feed the many, and Grimsby is still doing the same today."

The advert has particular resonance for Mariners' fan Robert Smith, as it features the "Fish!" chant he is credited with initiating at an away game at Rotherham almost 14 years ago.
He said: "I thought it was inspiring. It has all the Grimsby icons. People from outside the area don't realise what a pleasant place Grimsby is. I won't be retiring from the day job. I do shop in Tesco so some extra club card points would have been nice!"

Who needs Campaign Mag eh?

print + OOH

Agency - Wieden + Kennedy
Creative - Ben Everitt
Creative - Al Merry
Creative Directors - Dan Norris + Ray Shaughnessy
Producer - Samara Zagnoiev
Director - Kim Gehrig

And we worked on the print before this gang took over:
Creative - Sophie Bodoh
Creative - Dagmar Hoogland
Creative - Karen Jane
Photographer - Tessa Traeger